Borough of Bridgeville
Public Notice

TAKE NOTICE that the Bridgeville Borough Council at its March 8, 2021, 7:00PM
Meeting, held virtually on and via Conference Call, will consider
adoption of the following Ordinance:
Ordinance No. 1020: an Ordinance amending and restating the Borough of Bridgeville
Code Of Ordinances, Ch. 1, Article A, Planning Commission, in its entirety, to decrease
the Planning Commission’s membership from seven members to five members; and to set
forth its continued powers and duties as the Borough’s duly constituted Local Planning
The proposed ordinance may be reviewed at the Borough offices during normal business
hours. Due to pandemic restrictions, instructions on how to participate in the virtual
meeting are posted at
Joseph Kauer, Borough Manager

Ord 1020 – Ordinance Amend Ch. 1 Planning Commission Members