Bridgeville Borough’s concept for the future aims to celebrate its namesake, rich history, and the community. Bridges and roadways connect us, but the people and their vision unite us. To ensure continued success within the community, the Borough has partnered with Mackin Engineers & Consultants to update the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated in 2005.

A Comprehensive Plan provides a vision for the future of the community along with the steps needed to turn the vision into a reality. Mackin is committed to facilitating a planning process that will garner the support of the residents, business community, and elected/appointed officials, providing the Borough with innovative strategies that represent a clear path toward a resilient and sustainable future.

We are early in the process, but the planning process has uncovered three main areas of focus at this point: business and economic development, traffic control, and flood mitigation.

The result will be a prioritized set of feasible strategies, which will help municipal officials target investment opportunities over the next five to ten years in ways that will efficiently advance the community’s vision and address identified issues.

The Borough needs YOU! There are several ways to get involved and have your voice heard throughout this process.

Like and follow @Mackinengineeringcompany and @BridgevilleBorough Facebook pages to find important dates and information on upcoming public workshops, open houses, and community events. To get involved now, go to to take the online survey.

For more information or to receive a hardcopy survey, please contact Brandi Rosselli, Mackin’s Community Planning Manager, at or Joe Kauer, Borough Manager, at