This year members of Bridgeville Borough Council and Planning Commission have started to implement components of the recently adopted Active Transportation Plan.    The plan suggested that the trail that connects McLaughlin Run Park to Romano Drive and the Pennsylvania Avenue neighborhood be improved.   This week the Public Works Department made improvements to reestablish and improve the trail.  Vegetation has been cut back, water bars installed to control erosion, mulched and directional signage posted.     The “Activating Bridgeville” plan also called for additional street lighting to be added on Station Street, Murray Avenue and Sarah Street.   West Penn Power added those lights last week.

Other aspects of the Plan that are now in the process of design and seeking funding for include:  Reconstruction of the Gregg Avenue Steps, Construction of the Washington Avenue Pedestrian Island, Improvements to the Chartiers Park Walking Trail, and creation of the Bank Street Roundabout.  In 2024 the Borough has partnered with PENNDOT to construct sidewalk bump-outs on Bank Street at the intersections of Gregg Avenue and Winfield Street, and the construction of sidewalks on Chartiers Street in 2025.

Bridgeville’s Active Transportation Plan is available to read at: